Los Angeles Panthers
Panthers teambar
Conference Western Conference (SHL)
City Los Angeles, California
Colors black, gray, red
General manager Turd Ferguson, Dooley
Championships Two (S6, S17)

The Los Angeles Panthers are a team located in Los Angeles, California, and currently are a member of the Western Conference of the SHL. The team was founded in Season 5 by Deener. They won the Challenge Cup in Seasons 6 and 17.

Season History Edit

Season Record Playoffs
5 13-24-7 Did not qualify
6 38-17-5 Won Challenge Cup (4-3 over Minnesota Chiefs)
7 25-19-6 Lost Round One (3-4 to Winnipeg Jets)
8 21-20-9 Lost Round One (1-4 to Calgary Dragons)
9 21-21-8 Did not qualify
10 23-22-5 Lost Round One (1-4 to Calgary Dragons)
11 21-24-5 Did not qualify
12 18-25-7 Did not qualify
13 15-28-7 Did not qualify
14 27-18-5 Lost Round One (2-4 to Texas Renegades)
15 20-24-6 Did not qualify
16 33-15-2 Lost Round One (2-4 to Edmonton Blizzard)
17 29-16-5 Won Challenge Cup (4-2 over Toronto North Stars)
18 25-23-2 Did not qualify
19 27-17-6 Lost Round One (2-4 to Seattle Riot)
20 26-15-9 Lost Round One (1-4 to Texas Renegades)
21 26-19-7 Lost Round One (1-4 to Texas Renegades)
22 33-13-6 Lost in Finals (3-4 to Manhattan Rage)

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