The Challenge Cup is the championship award given every season to the SHL playoff winner after the conclusion of the Challenge Cup Finals.

Previous Winners Edit

Season Winner
1 Winnipeg Jets
2 West Kendall Platoon
3 Edmonton Comets
4 Edmonton Comets
5 West Kendall Platoon
6 Los Angeles Panthers
7 Winnipeg Jets
8 Calgary Dragons
9 Calgary Dragons
10 Minnesota Chiefs
11 Hamilton Steelhawks
12 Minnesota Chiefs
13 Edmonton Blizzard
14 Texas Renegades
15 Edmonton Blizzard
16 Edmonton Blizzard
17 Los Angeles Panthers
18 Seattle Riot
19 Winnipeg Jets
20 Texas Renegades
21 Texas Renegades
22 Manhattan Rage
23 West Kendall Platoon
24 West Kendall Platoon
25 Buffalo Stampede
Never Toronto North Stars

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